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Loudness Compliance integration
The ability to completely monitor Loudness Compliance is now fully integrated into Actus Loudness module. Broadcasters can avoid costly legislative penalties and better handle viewer complaints with this fully compliant feature. Actus Loudness is a multi-layer solution that offers centralized broadcast performance operational information in real time.

The Actus Loudness module lets operators maintain continuous measurements, which among other things, identifies program loudness and loudness range. Loudness measurements combined with robust logging allow users to quickly review the status and provide continuous, exportable measurements as proof of compliance and to defend against loudness complaints.

Only by providing complete information, like the Actus Loudness Meter does, including not only the ‘Program Loudness’ (‘I’) but also the ‘Program Range’ and the ‘Program True Peak’, can the sound engineer select the right mix of methods, and make sure that the program is within the EBUCALM Act specifications without compromising its sound quality.

The powerful combination of loudness measurement and logging easily demonstrates compliance with loudness

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