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Actus Mosaic – Broadcast Multiviewer

Control all the channels from one large screen, Any mix of video inputs, Configurable to any number of channels.

Broadcasters, content owners, playout centers, or anyone that needs to control and monitor a large number of live channels at the same time need a broadcast multiviewer. Actus MosaicTM allows to monitor a large number of channels from one screen, a combination of any input type, in any layout.
Actus MosaicTM comes with a configuration screen from which the system administrator can specify the required layout: the number of players, the size of each specific player, with the possibility to mix players of any size, clocks, and labels for channel names. Each player will have one TV channel assigned to it.

Actus MosaicTM can also include the TS deep analysis that provides all priorities of alerts for IP and ASI sources such as ETR 290 levels 1, 2 and 3.

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